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The First World Science and Technology Development Forum (WSTDF) Successfully Held in Beijing

2019-10-17 03:30:00     Number of views:Times

The first World Science and Technology Development Forum (WSTDF) was held in Beijing on October 16, and was addressed by Wan Gang (Vice Chairman of CPPCC and President of CAST), Bai Chunli (President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Secretary of CAS Leading Party Members' Group and First President of the Alliance of International Science Organizations in the Belt and Road Region (ANSO)), Li Xiaohong (Secretary of Leading Party Members' Group and President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)), and Daya Reddy (President of the International Science Council). The opening ceremony of WSTDF was chaired by Huai Jinpeng, Secretary of CAST Leading Party Members' Group, Executive Vice President of CAST, First Secretary of CAST Secretariat, and Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). 

Wan Gang pointed out that working together to deepen international exchanges and cooperation and leveraging science and technology to promote sustainable development are not only imperative to addressing global challenges, but also compliant with the new expectations of people from all countries and the global science community. He also stressed that science, technology and innovation (STI) must serve as the fundamental driving force for sustainable development, that the development of science and technology must follow the shared global values, and that scientific and technological cooperation must become an important means for the exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations.  

After the opening ceremony, keynote speeches were successively given by: Han Qide, Honorary President of CAST; Wu Hequan, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE); Jules Hoffmann, member of the French National Academy of Sciences and recipient of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2011; Yang Qiang, Chair Professor of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Executive Council member of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), and Vice Chairman of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI); Lin Ming, Chief Engineer of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., General Manager and Chief Engineer of the Island & Tunnel Project of Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macao Bridge; Heide Hackmann, Chief Executive Officer of the International Science Council (ISC); and Marielza Oliveira, UNESCO Representative to the People's Republic of China. After the keynote speeches, the "PaddlePaddle Industry-level Deep Learning Open-Source Platform" and "Top 10 Scientific Challenges Critical to Human Society Development for 2019" were officially released on WSTDF. 

Later on, a high-level dialogue was held and participated by: Qian Xuhong, President of East China Normal University and Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE); Colin Blakemore, Fellow of the Royal Society, foreign member of CAE, Yeung Kin Man Professor of Neuroscience at City University of Hong Kong; Flavia Schlegel, Special Envoy of the International Council for Science; Christoph Gerber, Professor at the University of Basel, Switzerland,Co-recipient of the 2016 Kavli Prize; Minter Dial, Founder and President of Myndset; and Liu Qingfeng, President and Chairman of iFlytek. Furthermore, prominent scientists, educators and entrepreneurs from home and abroad also exchanged their views and insights on topics such as "S&T Revolution and Industrial Transformation", "Science & Technology and Education & Culture" and "Growth of Young Scientists and SMEs".  

Under the theme of "Science, Technology and Development", the 1st WSTDF was jointly sponsored by CAST, CAS and CAE and co-sponsored by the Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations, and was attended by roughly 400 academicians and experts from more 18 countries and regions, Nobel laureates, fellows of prestigious S&T organizations, university presidents and celebrated entrepreneurs to exchange insights on S&T and civilization and to jointly find the way forward for common development. 

The 1st WSTDF aimed to thoroughly implement President Xi Jinping's diplomatic thoughts (particularly the thought of "Building a Community with Shared Future for Mankind"), to focus on the in-depth integration of science and technology (S&T) with culture, education, economy and society in the new era in the context of S&T revolution and diversified cultures, to promote the growth of young scientists and SMEs, to broaden the channels of non-governmental S&T diplomacy, to facilitate international S&T exchanges, and to build a high-end international S&T cooperation and exchange platform in China. 
Source: CAST Official Website