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Strengthen International Academic Exchanges: Israeli Agricultural Experts Visiting Guizhou and Fujian for Exchange Activities

2020-03-15 04:49:13     Number of views:Times

Upon the invitation of CISTE, David Silverman, a well-known Israeli agricultural expert, and Uri Adler, an international agricultural consultant, visited Guizhou and Fujian from October 28th to November 3rd to attend the "Israel Facility Agriculture Talent Exchange and Training Conference", which was hosted by CISTE and the S&T associations of Guizhou and Fujian.

In Guizhou, the exchange and training conference was attended by more than 150 S&T professionals and representatives from Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GAAS), Guizhou Society for Plant Biology, 18 research institutes affiliated to GAAS, multiple universities, and agricultural research institutes in respective cities and prefectures of Guizhou Province. Israeli experts introduced Israel's technological achievements in greenhouse vegetable cultivation, outdoor vegetable cultivation, plant protection and soil fumigation, and also shared Israel's research outputs related to organic agriculture, greenhouse farming, facility/outdoor vegetable and herb cultivation, and farmland research methods. Researcher Meng Pinghong from GAAS Guizhou Horticulture Institute gave a speech titled "Research on Applying High-efficiency Ecological Vegetable Cultivation Techniques in the Mountainous Areas of Guizhou". The participants actively exchanged their views and insights on hot topics such as facility agriculture and ecological agriculture.

Organized by Jian'ou Association for Science and Technology and Jian'ou Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, the activities organized in Fujian consisted of visits, training & exchange seminar and technical guidance, which attracted nearly 200 S&T professionals and agricultural technicians from various townships (sub-districts) in Jian'ou City. Participants showed strong interest in the portable agricultural production tools brought by Israeli experts, such as soil moisture and nutrient tester, infrared greenhouse thermometer, etc. These small and portable tools can quickly acquire data necessary for agricultural production. Some participants also expressed their wish to study modern agricultural technology in Israel and to carry out technical cooperation with Israeli counterparts in the future.

In the meantime, Israeli experts also paid visits to vegetable production demonstration bases to provide field technical guidance. In Guizhou, Israeli experts talked with relevant farmers and agricultural professionals in the vegetable production base of Changsha Village in Caiguan Town and the vegetable base of Guizhou Gaoshan Dafeng Agricultural Investment Development Co., Ltd. to learn more details about the cultivation practices in the base and the conditions of nursery greenhouses. They also put forward some good opinions and suggestions for improving facility agriculture in Guizhou Province. In Fujian, Israeli experts went out into the fields and mountains and paid visits to the featured agricultural projects run by Jian'ou Yongfa Modern Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., Jian'an Fu'an Dashun Family Farm, Jian'ou Jifa Family Farm Co., Ltd., Beiyan Village of Xudun Town, and Buyueqiao Vegetable & Passion Fruit Base in Jiyang Town. They provided field technical guidance on vegetable seedling cultivation, soilless cultivation, and the water-fertilizer integrated construction of mountain orchards.

The advanced greenhouse technologies and new greenhouse vegetable cultivation concepts brought by Israeli experts this time provided important references for Guizhou and Fujian. The practices of promoting agricultural technology through the combination of training, exchanges and field visits, strengthening international academic exchanges and assisting in targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, are conducive to improving the service level of agricultural modernization, promoting the development of modern green agriculture, contributing to the sustainable improvement of agricultural efficiency and increasing farmers' incomes.